20 Motivational Tips



  1. Give everyone ownership of something
  2. Involve people as much as possible in decisions
  3. Give everyone a challenge
  4. Let people set their own objectives
  5. Do regular appraisals
  6. Provide security – give information, be consistent
  7. Give lots of praise and encouragement
  8. Thank people – everyone at least once a week
  9. Coach rather than criticize
  10. Know what motivates each unique person
  11. Offer constant learning
  12. Give individual progress goals, and team ones
  13. Involve people in their own development plan
  14. Are people fulfilling their potential?
  15. Give people time to talk to you
  16. Keep tasks novel and interesting
  17. Create a sociable environment
  18. Build a team ethos and feeling
  19. Make money a reliable constant
  20. Set a role model example


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Maria Hana

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