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The UK is home to three of the top 10 universities globally and has been attracting international students for so long. Therefore, a degree from the UK is highly regarded worldwide. Though it is a bit expensive to study, the UK is still preferred by many students, especially Indians, because of the quality of education.


Off on tution fees for international students

24 Months

Eligible for a post-study work visa after graduation


International students from all over the world

82 Lakhs

Average salary in UK after completion of the course


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Canada has a set of world-class universities revered worldwide. A degree earned in Canada has considerable reverence. It is also worth noting that 4 Canadian cities have been included in the Top 100 Best Student Cities In The World.

UK universities generally rank high in the international university league


Living costs are also much lower in the UK compared to other countries around the world.

The UK has a long history of welcoming international students to study at its universities.


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Average Salaries in UK 2022

Average Yearly Salaries (USD)
Information Technology
£ 100,000
Finance & Banking
£ 65,000
£ 65,000
Human Resource
£ 70,000
£ 199,250
£ 60,000

Requirements to Study in UK

If you have to do your Bachelor’s in the UK, you must obtain at least 70-80% in your grade 12. Apart from that, the minimum score at IELTS should be 6.0.

The eligibility for Diploma Programs would be the same as the English Language Proficiency Test. You may need to appear for tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.

You will need at least 60% in your Bachelor’s in the field you have applied for. Also, the accepted CGPA in almost all the top universities is 6.5 or 7. The IELTS score should be 6.5-7, and the TOEFL score should be about 90-110.

To do a Doctoral Program in the UK, you would need at least 60% in your Master’s Degree. The IELTS score should be 7, TOEFL score 100, PTE score 66, CPE score 185, and CAE score 185.

It should also be noted that these measures are all relative and will differ according to the course and university that you are applying to. Apart from these, you will need all the basic requirements like a student visa, DLI, documents etc.

Exams Required to Study in UK

The exams prove that English proficiency is required for any non-native English speaker to study in the UK. You can choose one among them according to your university or course demands.

Countries like the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc., go with IELTS, and a minimum score of 6.0 is required to attend any university in the UK.

The TOEFL is accepted in almost all universities worldwide. It is usually conducted in two ways: paper-based and internet-based. The score varies according to the university and course. You will at least need a score of 70, and the more prestigious universities like the University of Cambridge ask for a score of 110.

PTE is another famous test among universities in Scotland, England, Ireland etc. A PTE score of 50 – 63 is required to pass the test and get admission to the university that you prefer.

These constitute the standard English Proficiency Tests. However, there are other subject-specific tests as well. For instance, the GMAT for Business Degrees, LNAT for Law, MAT for Mathematics, GAMSAT for Medical School etc.

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