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What is JIRA?

JIRA helps in planning, tracking the team’s work, managing releases and reporting the team performance. Knowledge Management, Real time collaboration, continuous integration etc can leverage the capabilities of JIRA. Due to this, be it Scrum or Kanban or hybrid Agile methodologies, JIRA is an efficient tool for planning. Hence, one can change the workflow and various options in JIRA according to the team size which emphasizes the availability capabilities of JIRA

All this makes JIRA the favorite project management tool.

What is JIRA?

Why One Should Take This Course?

  • It increases your chance of getting a job, if you are looking for it
  • It sets you higher from your peers 
  • It will enable you with one unique skill which is possessed by only a handful of people
  • One of the best upskill course as  Jira is the most used tool nowadays

Comprehensive training only in Rs 7000

2 days online instructor led live class

Mock Interview post course completion

1 - 1 mentoring to improve your knowledge

Profile Reframing(CV & LinkedIn)

Learn From Practitioners Instead of trainers

Course Overview


  1. Project Creation and settings
  2. Introduction to confluence
  3. Overview
  4. Menu options
  5. UI structure


  1. Product Backlog
  2. Sprint Backlog
  3. Burndown Chart

BOARDS & Working with JIRA

  1. Scrum Board (Story Board / Task Board / Epic Board) From existing workflow
  2. Kanban Board Configuration
  3. Multiple Team in one board


  1. Issues and Issue Types and Hierarchy
    EPIC, Story, Bug and SubTask
  2. Versions/Release and Epics
  3. Components
  4. Issues & Filter
  5. Bulk Update
  6. Export Import


  1. Story Point Estimation
  2. Sprint Creation
  3. Moving Stories to/from Sprint
  4. Multiple Sprints
  5. Task Breakdown, Assign and estimation
  6. Priority and Ranking
  7. Define Sprint Goal and start the sprint with duration
  8. Monitor Burndown chart
  9. User Profile

Jira Project Administration

  1. Understanding Schemes
  2. Issue Administration
  3. Workflow Administration
  4. Screen Administration
  5. Field and Custom Fields
  6. Time Tracking administration
  7. Priority Administration
  8. User Management
  9. Notification Administration
  10. Permission Administration

Frequently asked questions

·      Work in Jira as any Agile Role with confidence to manage Agile Lifecycle

·      Can collaborate with Confluence

·      Can Customize Jira  using Jira Project Administration to best fit your organizational need.

Since the class is recorded, there is absolutely no problem. We will share the respective videos for you to go over and over again. So, the question of missing a class does not arise.

Yes. We will give you access to a temporary Trial Version of Jira with full Admin Rights, available during your class for the purpose of Practice.

  • Agile Development / (Scrum / Kanban) : Basic understanding of Scrum, Kanban, working knowledge on agile is desired.
  • A good speed Internet speed is essential. For practice during class.

Anyone who is working on Agile based projects

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