Payment options

Please Note:

  • Approving of a loan is a decision made exclusively by the loan provider. The loan provider may decline your loan application.
  • Gururo encourages students to carefully read the terms and conditions of loan providers before availing of a loan.
  • Gururo does not bear any financial obligation related to the loan you apply for. Your financial obligation on the loan you avail of is to the loan provider.
  • If you default on your loan repayment obligation to a loan provider, Gururo may notify you to meet your loan repayment obligation.
  • Your loan provider may initiate loan recovery proceedings as per applicable law.
  • Your loan provider will transfer the loan amounts directly to Gururo as required under the arrangement that the loan provider has with Gururo.
  • On specific requests by the loan provider, Gururo may inform the loan provider about your employment status, the program fee, the program duration, and your attendance information on the program.
  • Failure to obtain a loan by you cannot be a reason to seek a delayed payment schedule from Gururo and the grant of admission may be withdrawn if payments are not made by the student as per the instructions given by Gururo.

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