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Earn upto 25% from every sale. Promote a trusted service loved by millions. Join an affiliate program that values your partnership.

Join the Program in Four Easy Steps


Instant sign up

Sign up in less than a minute. Completely free. Get verified and gain access to your affiliate dashboard.


Track your performance

Access one of the best affiliate control panels in the industry. Easily track and optimize your campaigns.


Use Affiliate Banners

Never be empty handed. Marketing materials in one place, tailored to your style.


Get your payout

We share revenue fairly. Every eligible sale made earns you at least 60% commissions. And that’s just the start.

User-First Affiliate Marketing

Your Very Own Manager

Meet your personal affiliate account manager. A marketing professional who will consult and answer questions, helping you towards success.

High Conversion Rate

Our brand & effective promo materials mean the traffic you send to Gururo will convert.

A Special Affiliate Program

Earn, grow, and expand with Gururo’s Affiliate Program. Everything you need to start promoting is a click away.

Easy to Start and Maintain

Professionally designed banner packages, links, and more assets to increase conversions.



No, joining the Gururo Affiliate Program is completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges, allowing you to start promoting and earning commissions without any upfront investment.

Setting up your affiliate account is straightforward. Once you submit your application and get accepted, you’ll have access to a range of promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate dashboard to track your performance.

Gururo provides a range of resources including promotional materials, detailed performance analytics, and support from our affiliate management team. We are committed to helping our affiliates succeed and are always available to provide guidance and assistance.

Anyone with a genuine interest in promoting Gururo’s services and who meets our criteria for affiliate acceptance can join. This includes bloggers, content creators, educators, and anyone with a platform that aligns with Gururo’s offerings.

Gururo’s Affiliate Program offers a competitive tiered commission structure, access to high-quality promotional materials, and a supportive environment to help you succeed. Our program is designed to empower affiliates with the tools and resources they need to effectively promote our services and earn substantial commissions.

We use advanced cookie-based tracking to ensure that all your referrals are accurately recorded. Our system ensures that the latest affiliate link clicked is the one credited for the sale, offering a fair and transparent tracking process.

There are four tiers – Bronze (10%), Silver (15%), Gold (20%), and Platinum (25%). Commissions are calculated on the net sales value of referrals.

As a Gururo affiliate, you’ll be promoting a range of Gururo’s services and products, which may include educational courses, training materials, and other related offerings. Our diverse range of products allows you to target various segments of your audience.

Commissions are paid out monthly, following a 30-day refund window for courses. This ensures that you receive your earnings in a timely and consistent manner.

Commissions are not credited for sales that are cancelled or refunded within the 45-day window. This policy ensures that commissions are paid out for successful, lasting sales.

Yes, you can promote Gururo on multiple platforms, as long as they comply with our advertising guidelines. This flexibility allows you to maximize your reach and earning potential.

The agreement is non-exclusive, allowing both Gururo and its affiliates to engage with third parties in similar activities.

After submitting an application, it undergoes a review process. Gururo may ask for additional information or specific qualifications. If you don’t receive acceptance within 30 days, your application is considered rejected.

Affiliates must provide accurate account information, refer clients in good standing, respect intellectual property, avoid self-referral and blackhat SEO/spam techniques, and comply with legal requirements.

Earn competitive commission through your affiliate link

Earn extra cash by referring your friends, collegues or with your blog, website, or email newsletter

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