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Practical Approach To SLA Implementation​

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Regardless of any industry If you are working in managed service or maintenance projects, it’s imperative to know nitty gritties of SLA. It will boost your employability, skills set, and salary.

Course Description

This Course Teaches You The Practical Implementation Of Service Level Agreement With A Case Study


 (129 ratings)  673 students

This Course Includes:

The Objective Of This Course

Understanding of Service Level Agreement and its practical implementation is one of the key requirements in any service organization.

Many organizations expect their project manager, service delivery managers to have an understanding of how to baseline support projects and calculate/avoid penalties.

The course takes you through a practical journey of understanding the significance and implementation of SLA from scratch. The most important aspect covered is Penalty Management.

This course aims to empower you with knowledge on Service Level Agreement which will enable you to enhance your understanding of managed service projects.

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What You'll Learn


The course can help you gain practical knowledge which will help you to land lucrative roles in IT and other exciting industries. Project/Delivery Managers having sound knowledge in SLA management drive better project performance and are often rewarded with substantial pay raises 

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1000+ openings in the below companies for the position of Service Project Manager/ Service Delivery Manager where this course understanding is a must
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Salary range of the professionals working in the role of Service Delivery Manager, executing the concepts taught in this course

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